"Dragonflight" by Larry Heyl, 2016 CC-BY-SA - Scroll down for downloads

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"Dragonflight" by Hairy Larry

For Jazz Octet: alto, tenor, trumpet, trumpet, trombone, piano, bass, and drums

Program Notes

"Dragonflight" evokes a fantasy world from the dragon's point of view. In the first part the dragon in his lair looks around at the world, a world he loves, a world he owns. In the second part the dragon takes flight and we can see him soaring across the sky, in his natural element, at one with his world.

Performance Notes

This is a swing ballad and should be slow but not ponderous. The first time through the change only the 2nd trumpet and the trombone play with light rhythm section accompaniment. The second time through all five horns play. The solo form is between the repeats but the solos start with the pickup notes.

The form is AB with extra bars in the A section. The notated full band stops should be honored during the solos giving the soloist the pickup notes and the taking flight rise into the B section. In the B section where it says "the dragon soars" the soloist should reflect this with longer notes full of tone and triumph.

After the solos all the horns play the head again with selected horns given more freedom to improvise. Once through the head and then play the written ending again with the selected horns improvising fills.

Swing Tempo 92 bpm

Approximately 7 minutes long with two soloists.

"Dragonflight", copyright by Larry Heyl, 2016, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike license. It can be copied freely and played without incurring performance royalties.

Please email hairylarry@deltaboogie.com if you play it. I am interested in hearing recordings of the song or attending the performance if possible.

Commercial licenses are available.


Dragonflight book including score and parts as .pdf files and the score as a Finale .mus file

Dragonflight midi render on this score

"Dragonflight played at my composition recital on November 1, 2016.

"Dragonflight played by Bebop Beatniks with Rev. Rick reading "Ying Yo" on February 11, 2017.

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