Download and Burn

This is the Readme that goes with the install package

Thanks for installing Download and Burn, DaB for short. In order to run DaB you must install Wget and CDBurnerXP, both free programs. If you chose the full install you should have the windows installers for these programs in the program folder. You can find out more about these great programs at the links below.

DaB is already installed and ready to use. You can find it on your desktop and in your All Programs menu. It is a batch file called dab.bat that is easy to understand and modify.

Accept the default install paths when you install Wget and CDBurnerXP. These paths are coded into dab.bat.

The default installation folder is Program Files/HairyLarryLand/DaB. If you ran the full install the installers for Wget and CDBurnerXP will be there. The dab.bat file and the icons are also in this folder.

If you chose the DaB-only install you can download and install Wget and CDBurnerXP at the links below.

If you don't want to burn the CDs but only want to download the files in the playlist to play from your computer or mp3 player you do not have to install CDBurnerXP. However the program won't work without Wget.

DaB stores the downloaded files in c:\dab by default. You can edit dab.bat to change the drive and the path if you want to.


DaB Home Page

CDBurnerXP Home Page

Wget Home Page

Wget Download Page