DaB - Download and Burn
A music promotion tool written by Hairy Larry

For musicians and fans. Download and Burn all the songs in an m3u playlist. Play them on your computer, mp3 player, and in your car.

If you are promoting your music on the internet post playlists and include a download link for DaB. Make it easy for your fans to get your music.

DaB is easy to install and easy to use. A great tool for music lovers and music promoters.

DaB uses Wget to download files and CDBurnerXP to burn CDs. Both of these programs are free and are included in the full installer.

Here's a link to the Readme that is included with the installer.

Readme for DaB

Download the DaB full installer

Do you already have Wget and CDBurnerXP?

Download the DaB only installer

Try these m3u playlists

Something Blue - Tiny Universe
Something Blue - Ghost Train
Aggie Road - Hairy Larry and George
Partly Cloudy - Jazz Alliance
Collaborators - Richard Murray and Hairy Larry
Private Lessons With B.B. King - Essie The Blues Lady

Include DaB with your m3u playlists so your fans can use this tool to get your music on their computer or mp3 player and in their car.

Paste this code onto your blog or website. It will look like this.

Download the DaB full installer