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Chunga Cover Page

"Chunga" by Hairy Larry

For Jazz Sextet: alto, tenor, bari, piano, bass, and drums

Program Notes

"Chunga" is a prequel to "Chunga's Revenge", by Frank Zappa. In this piece Larry Heyl draws on elements from Bebop, Post Bop, and Free Jazz. Most commonly described as wild, "Chunga" is actually heavily structured with a regular yet non-repetitive chord change and exclusive use of diminished and whole tone scales in stating and restating the strong melodic motif.

Performance Notes

The use of diminished and whole tone scales means there are many accidentals. There are also many rests for all parts in this short piece including several full band rests. A study in density and texture, the piece is challenging to play and to count.

Saxes - There is no improv section so improvise on your interpretation. Use rough timbre, octave jumps, notes ending in upward glissandos, appropriate squeaks and squawks, and other Free Jazz interpretive ideas.

Piano and Bass - The song should have a strong Bebop feel. Over emphasize the dynamics. Swing hard.

Drums - Rest on the rests. The piece is a study in density so the rests are extremely important. The cowbell and snare hits on bars 6 and 27 should be played alone. The rest of the notated parts are to be read as part of a full kit sound including bass drum, high hat, and cymbals. The piece should swing hard, like Bebop.

Swing Tempo 120 - 140

Approximately 2 minutes long.

"Chunga", copyright by Larry Heyl, 2011, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license. It can copied freely and played without incurring performance royalties. Please email hairylarry@deltaboogie.com if you play it. I am interested in hearing recordings of the song or attending the performance if possible.


Chunga book including score and parts as .pdf files

Chunga score and parts as Finale .mus files

Chunga first read on a slightly earlier version of the song, bari read on synth

Chunga midi render on this score

Chunga first read on a slightly earlier version of the song, bari read on synth

Chunga first read, 2011-11-21, on archive.org