Thursday, August 31, 2017

Delta Legends at Godsey’s Grill


I’ll be recording Delta Legends at Godsey’s Grill on Main St. in Jonesboro on Saturday, September 2, 7:00 to 10:00 pm.

Monday, August 21, 2017

Revised Plan and my Minimal Storefront

I am going to continue handling the ecopacks direct for $4.95 a CD. An ecopack is the CD in a black envelope with the artwork.

Through CD Baby I will sell slimline CDs for $6.95. CD and artwork in a slimline jewel case. This will be available for 8 titles now and eventually all of them. It costs money to do this so I’m on go slow. Caprice has their own CD Baby account with a nice package for their CDs and John Spencer has his replicated CDs in a full size jewel case on CD Baby.

Deluxe packages will be on CreateSpace and Amazon for $10.95. Free shipping with Amazon Prime. This is a print on demand service and they do all the work and keep most of the money. Still, it’s a way to get my CDs on Amazon. And it’s a Deluxe Package with no money up front.

I am coding a storefront to sell the ecopacks online. Here’s the order form.


Here’s the Paypal order page. Use your Paypal account or pay with credit or debit cards through Paypal.


And here’s the printable order page for mailing a check.


I am thinking of calling it Minimal Storefront and distributing it under the GPL license. We’ll see how slick it is when it’s in use.

These are the important points to the Minimal Storefront.

Easy to use for the customer. No account to set up. No data entry. Just make the order and pay.

Easy to fulfill. All orders come in your email. The payment comes with the order number. When you get the payment you pull up the order with an email search and check that everything is right.

Security for the customer. No email entry on webform. No credit card number entry on webform. If you don’t trust Paypal send a check.

Security for the website. No text fields. No database. The payment itself is the order confirmation. Paypal provides the shipping address and email. If the customer sends a check they write the shipping address on the form and add their email only if they wish.

KISS. HTML and PHP coding. Javascript for data validation only. Create a Paypal button for every quantity.

Downside. Will not replace a major storefront with a wide variety of items and prices. It is actually Minimal Storefront. Not just a name. But that’s all a lot of businesses need. It’s all I need.

Monday, August 7, 2017

What does a producer do anyway?


A producer will say that the engineer makes the recording.

The audience says that the band makes the recording.

The truth is the producer makes the recording.

I used to joke that the producer was the guy who made the phone calls. This is kind of old fashioned now but there is truth to it. The producer is the person who drives the project forward, funds it, sets schedules, and makes sure everyone is where they need to be when they need to be there. The producer is the guy that is responsible for getting it done.

In my case that includes an awful lot of doing it. I engineer most of my CDs and I do all my own post production.

Almost all producers supervise that mysterious stage called pre-production where lists are made, dates are penciled in, and deadlines are set.

A record producer is the person who makes the album. The producer works with the musicians, writers, artists, engineers and others. A good producer listens to all of these people and tries to help them fulfill their vision. He wants them to do their part of the project well and he wants them to be proud of the finished product. But the producer makes the product. He’s the one who says it’s good enough. He’s the guy who says when it’s done.

The buck stops here. If the album isn’t good the producer didn’t do his job.

Hairy Larry

Sunday, August 6, 2017

CD Baby, Createspace, and the New Plan

hll-1038.jpg hll-1020.jpg
Links to “All Over Again” on CD Baby and the “Aggie Road” Createspace page


1. I’ve got almost all of the releases up on CD Baby. Some on the standard plan which puts us on Spotify, iTunes, and everywhere, and some on the free plan which puts us on CD Baby only but can be upgraded later.

2. The next step is to get all the CDs on Createspace which is an Amazon on demand CD factory that handles production, fulfillment, and collections. So this is great and it will give us nice CD product to sell online for under $10. Free shipping with Amazon Prime. (Sorry about the $11.95 price on Aggie Road. The linked page needs updated.)

3. Then ecopack CDs go to CD Baby for all the standard plan releases. The ecopack is the CD and the artwork in a black envelope and will cost around $5. They will handle the fulfillment and collections on these CDs. I do the manufacture and keep them supplied. For the releases on the CD Baby free plan I will continue to do all the work.

4. We split the profit with the acts that we work with. The HairyLarryLand part gets shoveled right back into CD Baby turning free releases into standard releases.


5. Profit!!!??

Don’t forget HairyLarryLand is in business to make music. I still give away free ecopack CDs at live shows so come see me play and get a free CD.

Hairy Larry