Sunday, August 6, 2017

CD Baby, Createspace, and the New Plan

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Links to “All Over Again” on CD Baby and the “Aggie Road” Createspace page


1. I’ve got almost all of the releases up on CD Baby. Some on the standard plan which puts us on Spotify, iTunes, and everywhere, and some on the free plan which puts us on CD Baby only but can be upgraded later.

2. The next step is to get all the CDs on Createspace which is an Amazon on demand CD factory that handles production, fulfillment, and collections. So this is great and it will give us nice CD product to sell online for under $10. Free shipping with Amazon Prime. (Sorry about the $11.95 price on Aggie Road. The linked page needs updated.)

3. Then ecopack CDs go to CD Baby for all the standard plan releases. The ecopack is the CD and the artwork in a black envelope and will cost around $5. They will handle the fulfillment and collections on these CDs. I do the manufacture and keep them supplied. For the releases on the CD Baby free plan I will continue to do all the work.

4. We split the profit with the acts that we work with. The HairyLarryLand part gets shoveled right back into CD Baby turning free releases into standard releases.


5. Profit!!!??

Don’t forget HairyLarryLand is in business to make music. I still give away free ecopack CDs at live shows so come see me play and get a free CD.

Hairy Larry